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Authorized I-9 Representative

An I-9 Representative inspects employment documents personally inspects identification by hand and in person ensuring the information is correct.

If you had to identify the one most vexing and troublesome aspect of completing I-9s, what would you choose? There are so many choices out there, it might be hard to pick just one. For many employers, it’s making sure that both the new hire and hiring manager properly complete all of the required fields on the form. For others, the most persistent pain arises from the rather unforgiving deadlines for the new hire and hiring manager/HR representative. And then of course there are the myriad of rules associated with hiring non-citizens, many of whom possess document types that you’ve never seen (let alone heard of)

Even if you can find someone brave enough to handle your I-9, you have to make sure that the form is completed properly and on-time in order to avoid potential penalties or fines. 

More and more companies  they have developed I-9 best practices and procedures which includes an Authorized I-9 Representative to manage traditional onsite and offsite and virtual employees.

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